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Hair Loss & Chemotherapy in Ottawa, On

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy. If hair loss is going to occur, you can expect it to happen approximately 10–15 days after your first chemotherapy session. In these cases, the hair loss is usually temporary and hair will eventually grow back.

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Our Solutions

Our hair-loss solutions include a painless procedure of grafting natural or synthetic hair prostheses to the scalp to cover the affected areas. Because the scalp can be sensitive during chemotherapy treatments, this procedure is accompanied by special massages and other treatments to ensure your utmost comfort and encourage more rapid regrowth of your natural hair. Treatments are also combined with adjustments and trimming of the prostheses during the process to maintain a natural look—you and your hair get the attention they deserve.

Count on Us

We can also provide you with a range of specialized hair-care products, makeup, caps, hats, and scarves. Let Us help you look and feel your best.

As always, your first consultation is free of charge, with no strings attached. Call us today at (613) 241-6111 to book an appointment, or you can get your online consultation today!

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