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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions For Men in Ottawa, ON

Following your initial consultation at Regency by Regency Hair Centre, our expert advisor will help you determine if a non-surgical hair-replacement solution is right for you. These products include a variety of options, depending on your specific needs, so you’ll be able to choose the solution that works best for you.

Technological Advances Provide Amazing Results

Forget what you might think about old-fashioned, ill-fitting hair replacements—thankfully, those days are long gone. Today’s products are so advanced it is practically impossible to detect them, and so well made they maintain their good looks through rain, wind and even extreme sports activities. With our personalized programs, you can adopt the most up-to-date hairstyles, take a shower and wash your hair every day, participate in sports and attend social and professional activities with complete confidence.

Your hair-replacement product will be fixed directly and permanently onto your own scalp so that it is totally secure. Our products have been designed with your comfort and satisfaction in mind. Plus, our follow-up program includes non-surgical hair grafts, periodic changes, and maintenance to ensure you look your best every day. Your Regency Hair Centre expert advisor will help you determine which hair-replacement product is best suited to your lifestyle, your needs, and your budget.

Young Beautiful brown haired woman with fashionable makeup

“Virtuoso”—Stylish & Elegant

This is a complete hair-replacement solution, one that is very popular with the busy professional for whom appearance is a mark of success. With Virtuoso, the hair is firmly anchored in a tissue-thin dermal membrane in a way that reproduces the growth pattern, layering, bounce, and fall of natural hair. Because the hairline is totally undetectable, it allows you to adopt any hairstyle you want and, with Virtuoso’s frequent renewal plan, you’ll be sure to look your best all the time.

“Liberty”—For An Active Lifestyle

A program designed for the active individual who is constantly on the go, this package is ideal for people who want carefree convenience. This hair-replacement solution allows you to adopt any casual hairstyle with ease and comes with a renewal plan adapted to fit your busy schedule.

“Simplicity”—For The Budget Conscious

This hair-replacement program is perfect for the individual who is on a budget, yet still wants to benefit from a full care and maintenance plan. Ideal for those who prefer classic hairstyles.

Ready To Find The Solution That’s Right For You?

It’s time to take charge of how you look. Visit Regency Hair Centre for a personal, confidential consultation and let our experienced specialists recommend the best solution for you. As always, your first consultation is free of charge, with no strings attached. Call us today at (613) 241-6111 to book an appointment, or you can get an online consultation.

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