Women’s Hair Restoration Services in Ottawa

Helping You Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Hair

Do you sometimes feel you have lost your sense of personal identity along with your hair? Are you ready to rediscover the real you and show that image to the world? We can help by offering a highly personalized solution that is adapted to your needs. We will put our skills and know-how into obtaining amazing results for you—results that will look completely authentic and totally natural. All you have to do is sit back and relax. At Capilia Hair-Loss Solutions Centre, our tailor-made solutions cater to your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

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No matter if your hair loss is mild or very severe, you always have options. We want to help you feel happy and healthy with beautiful and natural-looking hair! Take advantage of our world-class procedures to get started now on the road to recovery. Call our Ottawa clinic at (613) 241-6111 or get your online consultation today!

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Natural Looking Results
  • Personalized Treatments
  • Free Consultations Available
  • Providing Services For Men & Women