Our PRP Treatment Options

Affordable Hair Restoration at Our Ottawa Clinic

At Capilia Ottawa by Regency, we are pleased to offer PRP treatment or platelet-rich plasma treatment. This is one of the most technologically advanced hair restoration methods of our day! During this non-surgical procedure, a tiny amount of a patient’s blood is processed to retrieve only the enriched PRP cells, which are then injected into the scalp. The platelets help stimulate the growth of new, healthy hair!

There are numerous benefits to the PRP system, including the following:

  • Works quickly and effectively
  • Increases the concentration of platelets
  • Requires only a minimal amount of blood
  • Achieved through a non-surgical procedure
  • Attacks compounds that hinder hair regeneration

PRP has proven itself to be a safe, fast, and practical options for patients whose hair follicles are struggling to naturally produce hair. Types of hair loss vary from person to person, and certain patterns are more visible in men while other are more visible in women. We understand all the factors involved in the process and we can help you! For top-notch hair restoration in Ottawa, call us today at (613) 241-6111.

Meet Daniel Morin – Nurse Clinician

Daniel has been a licensed nurse since 1984 and a clinician since 1994 (with an Ontario license since March 2017). He is currently working in the area of cosmetic nursing care with expertise in injectable treatments (botulinum toxin and dermal fillers) as well as hair loss treatment (PRP).

Daniel also studied in management, administration, human resources and community health. He graduated in 2014 with a Masters in public administration from ÉNAP.

He has a broad range of expertise including outpost and CLSC (Local Community Health Centre) nursing, teacher of nursing care, pharmaceutical sales representative, clinical research and nursing care executive.

His varied skill set meets the needs of today’s customers. He is particularly fond of an old saying: it is not the quantity but the quality that matters.

He has always counted on the respect and willingness of each client to seek a better management of their health. He has always done this in collaboration with his clients.

With Daniel, you will get an answer to your concerns in order to make an informed decision. He will provide you with the facts regarding what you may need as well as open and honest support during your various treatments.

He looks forward to having you as a client. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with him.

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