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What To Expect at Regency Hair Centre

After you have contacted us, spoken to one of our hair-restoration specialists and booked your first appointment, here’s what you can expect:

The Process

  • Preparing for your appointment: Find a photograph of yourself that was taken before you began losing your hair. Bring this photo with you to the appointment. This will assist our specialists in finding a solution for you that is as natural-looking as possible.
  • Discovering how we can help: At your first appointment, one of our expert advisors will meet with you in a private consultation room to clarify your specific hair-replacement needs. If you haven’t already had your complimentary consultation, you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire. Your answers will enable us to evaluate your lifestyle, your style preferences, the exact nature of your hair loss, your budget and your expectations for a hair-replacement solution. This consultation is free of charge, with no obligation to purchase or commit to any products or services.
  • Identifying the best solution: Once you have provided our specialist with all of the information they require to assess your unique needs, they will be able to recommend the solution they feel is most appropriate for you. The photograph that you provide will help us to locate your natural hairline so that we can recommend specific hair-replacement techniques and products that are right for you and will provide the most desirable results.
  • Exploring the possibilities: In this step, you will try a variety of hair-replacement products to help determine which look suits you best. Sitting in front of a mirror, you will be fitted with several different options for hair replacement. Before-and-after photos will be taken so that you can review the various looks and take your time with your decision. This step is a very exciting and important part of your decision making.
  • Putting the plan into action: After reviewing the options presented, you will be able to make an informed decision. Your Regency Hair consultant will assist you in making that decision by answering any questions that you may have.

Contact Us To Book Your Consultation