Aug 15, 2016 | | Ottawa, ON
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

After a few years of trying various hair products, with little to no success, I decided to research hair loss clinics and visited three.Capilia is where I felt the most comfortable and welcomed. I got the sense that they cared and really wanted to help me.In the spring of 2016, I did my hair transplant for my hairline and temples. I had a great experience. The staff made sure that I waswell prepared before and during my procedure. I was so comfortablethat I fell asleep during the session. One of the reasons I had originally hesitated to do the hair transplant was the scaring. I had seen so many images on the internet of horrible scaring that I was worried, but with Capilia I felt reassured that I was in the hands of professionals. When I got home from my surgery my wife did not even notice the scar!I would recommend Capilia to any man that finds his self-confidence affected by hair loss.

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