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Micro follicular hair transplant


The All-inclusive Infinite Transplant Program

Hair Transplant is no laughing matter at Capilia which is why we have introduced the all-in-one program called Infinite, designed to ensure the best treatment available as well as to monitor key moments of your experience.

- Confidential evaluation at one of our Capilia transplant centres.
- Evaluation of the donor area
- Analysis of the health of your present hair.
- Determining how you want to look, with selected photos
- Determining the number of transplant sessions you will need to obtain the desired results.
- Intervention and presence of a medical doctor throughout the intervention
- Access to a no-interest financing plan, if desired.
- Immediate next-day follow-up.
- Individualized hair and scalp treatment to ensure maximal growth.
- Constant care and attention for a minimum of six months following the intervention

With the Infinite program, you don't have to worry about anything. Just watch your hair grow back in the comfort of your own home.

Micro-follicular hair transplants for men & women

If you consider that the only viable alternative is to get your own hair back, then micro-follicular hair transplants provide a custom-made solution specially designed for you! There are several advantages:

Micro-follicular hair transplant is:
- A permanent and effective solution for both men and women.
- A natural appearance with no tell-tell signs
- A safe and natural form of treatment
- And you will save money in the longer term

At Capilia, you will enjoy the benefits of having a top class surgical team with over 20 years of experience look after you.

To choose Capilia by Regency for your micro-follicular transplant is opting for:

  • A specialist who will walk you through the process and simulate what you will look like after the transplant. With more than 20 years experience behind him, he/she will ensure that the recommended solution is compatible with your requirements by carrying out the following tests: - Measuring the extent of the loss of hair - Evaluating the quality and density of the donor hair - Assessing your expectations and the number of sessions required to achieve the desired result.
  • A specialized team with more than 20 years of experience in hair transplantation
  • You will also enjoy the benefits of a fully comprehensive approach that takes your physical and psychological well-being into consideration. You will be accompanied at every stage of the treatment by a team of surgeons, technicians and hair replacement experts who will pamper after your every need.
  • A friendly, calm and restful spa like atmosphere that makes it easy for you to relax. If you choose the transplant solution, it will be conducted in one of our medical clinics equipped with a full team of specialists at your disposal.
  • You won't have any surprises with the Capilia approach. Our complete procedure puts the emphasis on the desired result, determined with you at the time of your evaluation meeting. Because the final result is what truly counts for you, our unique method will show you right away what you will look like once the transplanted hair has grown back.
  • At Capilia by Regency, our techniques for hair transplant are quite unique. Each session is optimized by removing as many grafts as possible depending on the density of the donor area. No two individuals are the same. All grafts taken during a session are redistributed, thus accelerating the whole process.

A look at the Micro-follicular hair transplant
Micro Follicular Unit transplant
Dense packing
Women Hair Loss

A look at the Micro-follicular hair transplant

Hair transplantation began in 1955 and over the years has improved to such an extent that it is practically undetectable and produces a perfectly natural result. Without doubt, it is a real option for permanent hair loss.

Hair transplantation involves harvesting the hair and follicles (grafts) from one area of the scalp (Donor Area) and skilfully transplanting them to the area in need of hair to achieve a permanent solution to hair-loss

The doctor takes into consideration the amount and type of your donor hair, and your age and general health when evaluating your potential for an optimum outcome.

The main goal in hair transplantation is to achieve hair density while retaining complete naturalness of appearance. The challenge is to reach the ultimate goal with limited hair from the donor area (generally, the "crown"). In other words, a person can add only as much hair to the bald area(s) as can be provided by the donor area.

This is where the surgeon's and the surgical assistants' qualifications and experience play a major role. It is their artistic skill that will create the illusion of more hair than actually exists through the size and strategic placement of each graft, the angle of the hair and how closely the grafts are spaced amongst themselves.

Micro Follicular Unit transplant

For many years, hair was thought to grow in single strands. But in 1984, the follicular unit, consisting of 1 to 4 hair follicles packed together and bound by collagen fibres, was discovered to be the starting point for the growth of hair. The follicular unit technique is to cut the smallest grafts possible by removing the naturally occurring group of follicular units from the surrounding bald skin.

Dense packing

Transplants nowadays are carried out using extremely small needles that enable the surgeon to implant the grafts so finely and densely that there is virtually no hint of surgery. Due to these major advances, just one transplant session is now required to implant the same density that previously necessitated two or more sessions.

Women Hair Loss

Androgenetic Alopecia, otherwise known as the Female Pattern Hair Loss, is the most common type of hair loss experienced by women. The hair is genetically programmed to gradually fall out and affects 25% of the female population. Other causes for the loss of hair are: aging, hormonal changes after the menopause, as well as ill health. Women's hair tends to grow thinner all over, as opposed to large bald patches that are seen among men. Hair transplant surgery is an excellent option to tackle such conditions.

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